360 and VR

For a variety of projects we are exploring the application of 360 and Virtual Reality
XR Space https://www.xrspace.io/us
On Monday 9 May 2022 we were at Claude Moore Park in Northern Virginia and walked on some of the paths with a 360 degree view camera mounted on a pole on a backpack. The result is now on Google Street View
Peter D Tuddenham 360 Video Playlist
Recording of Live 360 webcast to YouTube
Peter D Tuddenham 360 Page
Peter D Tuddenham Street Views
Products and Services
VR spaces from IGLOO Vision
Facebook 360 Saptial Workstation
Nikon 360
GoPro 360
Pilot One
Sennheiser Equipment and Workflow
Rode II
Audioroot Battery
360 sounds
Sennheiser VR Mic Principle - Video 1
Sennheiser VR Mic Recording - Video 2
Sennheiser VR Mic Field Recording - Video 3
Sennheiser VR Mic Processing - Video 4
Sennheiser VR Mic Mixing - Video 5
Sennheiser VR Mic Delivering - Video 6
Hugh Hou