We are creating, cultivating and curating Communities of Practices that create a CoExplorer Network.
We have a number of purposes.
The overall purpose is to provide opportunities to offer individuals and groups ways to co-explore new ideas, places, things, science and art.
We are doing this, in part,  to become self-sustaining and less dependent on government and foundation grants.
The CoExplorer Project is an exploratory set of actions of the College of Exploration.
The College of Exploration is a not-for-profit in the Commonwealth of Virginia USA with 501c3 status with the IRS.
All donations are tax deductible and welcome.

There are five value propositions for The CoExplorer Project Community and Network.
1. Immediate value
2. Potential value - knowledge capital - offer knowledge
3. Applied value - changes in the way you think about what you are doing and why
4. Realized value - actual changes
5. Reframing value - social learning