CoExploring with the Asia Marine Educators Association
AMEA 2022 in Seoul, Korea. August 9-12 Links to the agenda and video recordings of each presentation 
Prof. Ray Yen from National Taiwan Ocean University produced this summary 24 hours after the conference concluded.13 August 2022.
2022 AMEA Conference Field Trip Korea 2022. 8. 11-12
College of Exploration/Peter Tuddenham live streamed at the field trip locations. Some of the streaming was in 360 and some regular video. This was a  and media experiment.
Thursday 11 August Field Trip Live Stream  RECORDING
Friday 12 August field Trip Live Stream  
 360 live stream on YouTube. Either watch on a headset, or if a phone move the phone around to see 360, or if on a computer hold the left mouse down to scroll around 360 or if on flat screen hold left button.
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology
2022 AMEA Conference in Korea 2022.8.9-10
First Day (8/9) record
Second Day (8/10) record
2022 AMEA conference Youtube livestream
2022.8.9   9:00-18:00. ( Day 1)   2022.8.10. 9:00-18:00. ( Day 2)
Ocean Literacy as an Evolutionary Global Complex System Change. Keynote at AMEA 2022 9 Aug 2022. Peter Tuddenham..
From YouTube recording
Personal Camera Recording
Lynn Rasmussen and Peter Tuddenham in Conversation
3 August 2022. Short conversation on preparation for keynote at the Asia Marine Educators Association conference in Seoul Korea 9-12 August 2022
AMEA 2022 Peter D Tuddenham Keynote Files
Preparation Mindmap. It will take time to load as it is a large file.