20th Century History of General Systems

Miller and Samuelson

Learn the history of General Systems development through a series of interviews of founders of the Society for General Systems Research (now the International Society for the Systems Sciences), and  distinguished scientists and Nobel prize winners interviewed by Dr. James Grier Miller in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Interview 1. Dr. James Miller interviewed by Dr. Kjell Samuelson, Biologist, Medical doctor, Psychiatrist, Scientist.
Interview 2. Dr. Kjell Samuelson, pioneer of Systems Science & Cybernetics, Communications & Informatics Technology and Global Networks.
Interview 3. Dr. Margaret Mead, Anthropologist.
Interview 4. Dr. Kenneth Bailey, Sociologist.
Interview 5. Dr. Kenneth Boulding Economist, Educator, Peace Activist, and Interdisciplinary Philosopher.
Interview 6. Dr. Richard Ericson, Organization theorist.
Interview 7. Dr. Jay Forrester, Engineer, Systems Dynamics.
Interview 8. Dr. Wassily Liontief, Nobel Prize in Economics.
Video 9. Dr. Richard Gerard – video of a meeting, Neurologist.
Interview 10. Dr. Howard Odum. Ecologist.
Interview 11. Dr. Farrokh Mistree, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.
Interview 12. Dr. IIja Prigogine, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
Interview 13. Dr. Anatol Rapoport, Mathematical psychologist.
Interview 14. Dr. Paul Samuelson, Economist.
Interview 15. Dr. Herbert Simon, Economist, Political Scientist and Cognitive Psychologist.
Interview 16. Dr. B.F. Skinner, Psychologist, Behaviorist, Author, Inventor, and Social Philosopher
Interview 17. Dr. G.A.Swanson, Organizational theorist.
Interview 18. Dr. Leonard Troncale, Cell Biologist, Systems Process theory.


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