Cybernetics Archives

An invitation was sent out on various systems and cybernetics list to initiate a global conversation on cybernetics archives.  This working group is intended to be trans cybernetic organizations so for anyone interested from anywhere who is interesting in collecting together the global cybernetics resources and history online and taking action with it is welcome. 
There is a meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at 4pm Eastern for 60-90 minutes.
One focus fo r outputs or a report is next June 2024. The American Society for Cybernetics are meeting in Washington DC USA 15-19 June 2024
Also in June 2024 the International Society for the Systems Sciences annual meeting is planned for Washington DC and / or online..

Please register for the monthly archives conversation at
1st Meeting 7 November 2023  - 42 registrations, 22 turned up. Introductions
2nd Meeting 5 December 2023 - Discussion about different interests and sub group possibilities. Sub WG on International Relations, Global Security and Peache Studies suggested
3rd Meeting 2 January 2024 Broad ranging discussion
4th Meeting 6 Feb 2024