The College of Exploration is an evolution of work started in Metasystems Design Group that was begun in the 1980’s and ceased operations in early 2000’s. The company created one of the first online social networks called The Meta Network (TMN) This company and TMN was created by Frank Burns after he retired from the US Army. The design and operation were modelled on the work of Stafford Beer as described in his book Platform for Change. 
The Meta Network is now a part of Brainstorms, an ongoing network created by Howard Rheingold. See
The College of Exploration has incorporated cybernetic approaches to its work since 1991.

A perspective for cybernetics in the 21st century is in this book  which may be downloaded and shared via Creative Commons licensing:
Cybernetics for the 21st Century
Vol.1 Epistemological Reconstruction
Edited by Yuk Hui
Philosophy, Art and Technology series
Cybernetics for the 21st Century Vol.1 is dedicated to the epistemological reconstruction of cybernetics, consisting of a series of historical and critical reflections on the subject – which according to Martin Heidegger marked the completion of Western metaphysics. In this anthology, historians, philosophers, sociologists and media studies scholars explore the history of cybernetics from Leibniz to artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as the development of twentieth-century cybernetics in various geographical regions in the world, from the USA to the Soviet Union, Latin America, France, Poland, China and Japan. The reconstruction shows the various paths of cybernetics and their socio-political implications, which remain unfamiliar to us today. It reveals more than what we thought we knew – and yet we hardly know – and allows us to understand where we are and to reflect on the future of technology, ecology and planetary politics. 
With texts by Brunella Antomarini, Slava Gerovitch, Daisuke Harashima, Katherine Hayles, Yuk Hui, Dylan Levi King, MichaƂ Krzykawski, David Maulen de los Reyes, Andrew Pickering, Dorion Sagan and Mathieu Triclot.

CoExplorer Projects on Cybernetics from the College of Exploration include:
Supporting the work of Mick Ashby in cooperation with the International Society for the Systems Sciences to provide a permanent home for the Ross Ashby archive website
Co-managing the website honoring and developing the work of Stafford Beer. Managing the Metaphorum YouTube channel.
Providing management and technical expertise to organize and run an electronic version of Stafford Beer’s syntegration which was called e-syn2030
In September 2023 we initiated a global invitation to co-explore cybernetic archives around the world. The purpose is to encourage the collection of archives to to enable the development and application of cybernetics for the 21st century. Register for the monthly series “Cybernetic Archives" on Zoom