EP MB Inspiration

Educational Passages and the College of Exploration have worked together to promote the Miniboat Project since 2015. 
Serendiptously a miniboat named Inspiration launched from the University of Rhode Island crossed the Atlantic and landed at the end of the road of the family home of Peter Tuddenham in the UK, Steamer Point at the end of Seaway Avenue. https://educationalpassages.org/boats/inspiration/
See location on Google Street View 

On Saturday March 18, Peter Tuddenham, his sister Susan and husband William met the finder of the washed up miniboat, Peter Waine and dog Buddy, with his wife Carly who is a teacher at Tiptoe Middle School in Lymington, Hampshire. We met outside the Noisy Lobster Restaurant on Avon Beach, Mudeford. We all agreed that we would work together to get the boat ready for a relaunch.
Peter Waine and William took the miniboat to William's garage for clean up and repair.
Second hatch removal https://vimeo.com/810088827/747accb223
Sensor box opening https://vimeo.com/810097321/f9d34bf6d0
Sensor box examination https://vimeo.com/810502540/d183d1dc31
Deck Cleaning https://vimeo.com/810503535/7a33952c08
GPS and sensors in garden to charge https://vimeo.com/810505437/cbe58b7bd7
Messages and pictures from students in Rhode Island in the boat. https://www.coexploration.org/ep/inspiration/RI_School_Messages.pdf

On Saturday 15 April 2023 Mudeford Sea Scouts expressed an interest in helping to repair the boat, install new sensors, and help relaunch.
360 degree picture of Steamer Point taken on evening of 15 April 2023.
Video introduction to Steamer Point location.