CoExplorer Project

The College of Exploration is creating through its own actions and support we are cultivating and curating Communities of Practices to support by creating a CoExplorer Meta Systems Network.

This Meta Systems Network is a way to coeplore topics in art and science, life.  Support is offered to the ocean and earth literacy educators and the wider systems and cybernetic communities.
Through "coexplorations" we explore our differing understandings of all types of systems behavior  
CoExploration has been the URL and purpose for the College of Exploration since its founding in 1991.
The overall purpose is to create opportunities and ways for individuals and groups to co-explore the application and development of systems and cybernetic approaches to volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous challenges in individual and groups, nature, society, organizations, situations, and issues, global, national, and local.
Two examples of large scale CoExplorations in the past 20 years are Ocean Literacy and Earth Science Literacy  
Another project is Systems Literacy 
The College of Exploration is a not-for-profit in the Commonwealth of Virginia USA with 501c3 status with the IRS.
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