Metaphorum 2016 Video

These video recordings were made by a student in the Systems Programme at the University of Hull. The videos were recorded with the understanding that they would be available behind a username and password login. The College of Exploration hosted the videos on its vimeo account and has links behind a username and password on its "online campus". They have been there since 2016. If you want access please email 

11 November 2016
Complexity and VSM. Prof. Yasmin Merali, Dr A Espinosa, Prof M Jackson
The VSM: Achievements and Issues. Prof M Jackson
Managing complexity with VSM: New developments in theory, methodologies and applications. Dr A Espinosa
Metaphorum 2016 University of Hull
Are all Swans White?. The Transformative Fusion of Sensing, Computing, Communication, and Control to improve Business Adaptability. Dr. S. Brewis
The Mind of Enterprise: What could VSM learn from, and bring to, cognitive science? Dr. I. Velitchko
The Emergence of Viable Businesses from a Complex Economic Landscape in the Banking and Insurance Industries. S. Wasilewski
Reflections on applying the VSM in consultancy. P. Hoversdadt
A Relational View of the VSM. Applications in the Chilean Industry. Dr. L Lavanderos
Social barriers to the adoption of Systems Thinking. Dr. T Hilder
Digital ecosystems: complexity and management issues. Dr. P. Ototsky
12 November
Viability and Political Systems. Dr. A Leonard
Associational Democracy for an Associational Society. Dr. P Stokes
The Collaborative Economy: catching up with Stafford. Dr J Walker
LIGHT BEER, from ADIZES” Two perspectives for change management. J. Livas
A Cybernetic Review of Performance Management Systems. Dr. S. Morlidge
Viability of Social Groups with Salient Identity. J. Huxley
Perceived Effects of Workforce Emotions on Organizational Viability in the Corporate Sector in Pakistan. Dr. I Sabir
pm Organisational Cybernetics as a Methodological Platform for Authorship and Agency in Management – Reflections on a Case Study of Organisational Change. Dr P Cardoso
Generic Governance. Dr. R Turke (via Skype)
Dissolving the Hard Stuff: Using Beer and Cybernetic Basics for Governance. E Reynolds / Dr. L Solomons
Using VSM for understanding affective work environment and diagnosis cause of workforce emotions holistically. Iffat S Chaudhry
13 November
Methodology to Adopt an On-Going Business Process for Managing Complexity for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in México . Raul Gonzalez
Developing a Systems Approach for Multi-Agency Co-ordination and Community Engagement in Disaster Recovery. P. Munday
A Systemic Investigation and Development of an Operating Model for a Multi-Stakeholder Start-Up. A. Al Hinai 
Guiding Interventions in a Multi-Organisational Context: Combining VSM and HPM for use as a PSM D. Lowe
Designing Meta-organizations for Addressing Wicked Problems (USA). P. Sydelko

Systemic Tools to Enhance Viability and Knowledge Management in SMEs in Rural Thailand W. Mettanont
what could VSM bring that CAS and Semantic Field Theory may not?. L. Gardiner
Sustainability Management: insights from the Viable System Model. Panagiotis D. Panagiotakopoulos (via Skype)