Network Science Education

This work is intended to revive the work done on an NSF funded project called NetSciEd where student and teachers attended a course.
Lectures were given by
Network Science in Education
Network Literacy
Project With Educators
Real World Connections
Network Literacy resources for K-12 Teachers. link being relocated....12/24/2021 
Joanna's Chemistry Curriculum
1. Hiroki's Presentation on Networks    
2. Evelyn's slides on real world applications:
New York Regents Chemistry
New York Regents Physics
The case for network education in Highter Education in the Netherlands
Network Science Resources
Net Sci Ed High School Resources at Boston University
Network Science Book by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi
A First Course in Network Science
Open University Course on Networks, Graphs and Design
Gephi Software
Net Sci Ed Digital Asset Management Project
Presentation from Hiroki Sayama page 45
Network Science on Wikipedia
Neo4J and DAM
Network Literacy in "The Brain" Software
Mapping Examples to consider 
Concept Mapping
Ocean Literacy
Ocean Literacy in "The Brain" Software
Systems Literacy
Underground Mathematics A Level Curriculum in the UK
International Baccalaureate
Other Relevant Subject Resources and Examples
Sustainability Improves Student Learning (SISL)
Profession Based Learning
SERC Systems Engineers
Network Weaver
Educational Programs on Network Science
Net Sci High
Networking Science Institute NorthEastern
Calgary       Prof Emma Towlson
Network Science Applications

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