Ocean Literacy

The College of Exploration (TCOE) began working on Ocean Literacy with the National Geographic Society in 2002 on a project called Oceans For Life. The purpose of the project was to identify and describe ocean content that could be used to teach geography.
In 2004 TCOE was one of four organizations forming a steering committee for Ocean Literacy. The other three were the Francesca Cava from the National Geographic Society, Craig Strang from the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California Berkeley and Sarah Schoedinger from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and President of the US National Marine Educators Association with funding and logistical support from the Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence, US Sea Grant and many others.
TCOE and the Ocean Technology Foundation offered teacher workshops in Portugal and in the process of doing so gave colleagues at Ciencia Viva in Lisbon the idea to create Ocean Literacy for Portugal. 
In 2012 the term Ocean Literacy was written into the Galway Agreement between the US, Canada and Europe. That created an initiative from the EU that funded two projects, https:///www.seachangeproject.eu and ResponSEAble.
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