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These are all of our currently available courses. We are adding new courses all the time, so make sure to check back here regularily. To view courses you are already enrolled in, please visit the my courses page.


Miniboat Mania

Educational Passages works to connect people around the world to the ocean and each other, inspiring ocean stewardship through unique global experiences. This online course with 3 virtual workshops will provide a background on how the Miniboat Program can and has been used in educational settings. From receiving a kit to using the stories in the classroom, this course is applicable for any educator who is interested in integrating a unique project into their curriculum. Each of the 3 virtual sessions are designed to assist participants in exploring available resources and customizing them for their educational space. Some sessions will include breakout rooms and exercises. Preparatory work will need to be completed between online sessions. The course, which provides 8 hours of professional development, is designed for formal and informal educators of any grade level. After the course, participants will: Gain better understanding of the Miniboat Program Become familiar with resources, 6 stories… Have activities ready to integrate into their educational space Be connected to others...
TCOE Intro

Introduction to the College of Exploration

An introduction and overview of the College of Exploration.