Seabed Mapping Resources

Resources collected for the College of Exploration and CoExploration Limited online workshop October 2017 and Global Ocean Science Workshop, Washingotn DC November 2019.
From Melissa Ryan
Sea Floor Mapping – Lewis and Clark Legacy 2001 Expedition - NOAA 

Lessons: Mapping the Sea Floor -NOAA

Video Animations of Bathymetric Maps - NOAA

Video:  First Collaborative Atlantic Seabed Mapping by Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance

Multiple Resources on Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance (AORA) website

Intro to Multibeam Sonar - NOAA

Intro to Multibeam Sonar (Spanish)

Animation: Intro to Multibeam Sonar Video - NOAA

Lesson:  Wet Maps - Grade 5-6

Lesson: Mapping the Deep Ocean Floor - Grade 7-8

Lesson: Watching in 3D - Grades 9-12

Lesson:  Watching in 3D - Grades 9-12 (Spanish)

What is LIDAR? NOAA Ocean Service

Lesson:  Layers of Learning - The Ocean Floor

Survey Data in Google Earth & Maps
From Peter Tuddenham
Vice Admiral (ret) Shin Tani, co-organiser of the Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping, in Monaco, from 15 to 17 June 2016 on the Importance of Mapping the Ocean Floor  
Shin Tani: Understanding the oceans is much more than an academic exercise  
From Karl Donart
Here are resources from Euro Geo related to seabed mapping
Oceans of data
From Paula Keener
This is a Science on a Sphere treatment that contains a segment on mapping the ocean and some of the reasons why we do it. The first link takes you to the description of the SOS resource, and the second link takes you to the flat-screen visual treatment. Be sure to view in full screen view, and for the best view, go see it on a Science on a Sphere near you!
Science on a Sphere Exploring the Unknown Ocean -
Science on a Sphere Exploring the Unknown Ocean - Interactive Sphere - View with Full Screen -