Structured Dialogic Design

Structured Dialogic Design (SDD) is a process of organizing of conversations to design systems and to document problematiques and develop action plans.
We are involved in several projects in this area of co-exploring.
SDD Workshop Crete September 2022
College of Exploration SDD Video Showcase
John Warfiled Website (with downloadable ISM software)
Third Phase Science and Structured Dialogic Design Presentation Video - Ken Bausch - recorded by Peter Tuddenham at George Washington University March 2012
Simpsons Project for SDD Open Source Software
Joe Simpson You Tube Channel
SDD for Systems Literacy
Use of Logosofia in Education
Pilot Project using Logosofia to design a charter school.
Structured Deliberations on International Society for the Systems Sciences.
Resources from Kevin Dye and Tom Flanagan
More resources include
Playlist of videos on SDD from Aleco Christakis
Future Worlds
21st Agoras
Recent presentation by Kevin Dye on Systems Literacy and Structured Dialogue Design