Systems Research

We are working on a number of systems research projects.
Systems Research - A Foundation for Systems Literacy
Proceedings of the 2016 IFSR Conversation Team 3: Systems Research Team Systems Research: A Foundation for Systems Literacy Edson, M.1, Buckle, P.2, Ferris, T.3, Hieronymi, A.4, Ison, R.5, Metcalf, G.6, Mobus, G.7, Nguyen, N.8, Rousseau, D.9, Sankaran, S.10, Tuddenham, P.11
(PDF) Systems Research: A Foundation for Systems Literacy. Available from: [accessed Sep 30 2020].
Systems Evaluation research
The Modeling Relation based on the work of Robert Rosen,
John Kineman - Nexial Institute
Plamen L. Simeonov   International Research Institute on Anticipatory and Naturalistic Computation
Applications of agent based modelling to learning and measuring systems
Agent Based Modelling and Emergence
Cultural and historical systems research concerning marine and ocean history